Divorce Facts Men Need To Hear…

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Notes from my video on Divorce, and whether or not it’s the answer, hope you enjoyed it. Please share with someone that needs to see this.

This is deep red pill stuff, and answers the question: Why do men go MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) after divorce.

Watch the movie: Divorce Corp for more insight.

INTRO – Ultimate life hack is the right partner – men die because of divorce.

You do not truly know someone until you divorce them.

Marry on YOUR terms because Divorce is on her terms.


THE REPRESENTATIVE – Baby rabies – Live together before you marry – If you think you have problems before marriage, they will only get worse after. Kids or marriage don’t solve problems, they amplify them.


– woman have no incentive to behave in divorce

Government Policy & Family Law Idealising single mothers like they are an asset to society.

Government fleeces men

You lived with a single mum, and aren’t he biological father? Screw you pay me

She stole your used condom, and used it to get pregnant? Screw you pay me

Broke your back and can’t work? Screw you pay me

Section 7 expenses – anything she chooses to put the kids in, you pay for in Canada at least

If you lost your job as a married couple or couldn’t work for 6 months all would be forgiven. But divorced, it’s fuck you pay me.

If the cost was $300/m for your child why is it $2,000/m when divorced?

Female nature
Shame tactics – hell hath no fury like a women scorn.

Criticise to motivate you did it wrong – why did you do it that way – We don’t have enough money – You’re going to wear that?

Men love emotionally, women love opportunistically.

Hypergamy – Women marry up

Parental alienation – he’s been run though the family court system, and if lucky gets to come by once a week and see how effective his ex is at making his own children hate him

All you do is write cheques and watch your children go downhill.

Leavor/Leavee relationship. Women don’t want you to leave, and are insane about it. When women leave you, its over quick. When men leave women, its never over till she has won.

Access, and why you want shared custody.

– Move anywhere in the world without your consent
– Makes decisions without your consent (medical, religious, name change)
– Money all flows to her, and its totally unreasonable in the amount

Fatherless children
Fatherless children are 3 times more likely as a teen to: be pregnant, commit suicide, be suspended from school, abuse drugs/alcohol, join gangs, or end up in jail.
Single mothers with live in boyfriend mean the rate of child maltreatment is 9 times higher than married parents


– Wife divorces 2 days after child is born (full custody)
– Wife takes kid, moves out, makes claim father was abusive – later she gets knocked up by another man, and has a fatherless child – claims less then $20k income for 2 yrs yet shows up in a range rover for court dates
– Guy stayed in house, wife harassed him, false accusations, raped him. Begged him to have another kid during the divorce.
– Knew a guy that lost 150,000 on the sale of his house
– security cleared to talk to kids, highest security clearance in Iraq, yet needed supervised visits to see his own kids
– False accusations of domestic violence will ruin you.

Rsources: Canlii.org and ottawadivorce.com

STATS – when choosing your partner

– Chances of being in a stable marriage (defined as 5+ yrs) are in the 60% range if age of first sexual activity is 19+. If it was 14 or younger its less than 40% chance
– If She has had 16 or more partners chances of a stable marriage are less then 20%
– Women with more sexual partners are less content in marriage

Bottom line is if your wife has had many sexual partners, and lost her virginity at a young age, your chances of divorce are higher

Stefan Molyneux video relating to stats

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