3 Tests To Filter For High Quality Women

So a lot of you guys keep asking me how to make better choices with women, and how to test them, here are 3 shit tests you can use on women:

  1. Get her to buy you a coffee
  2. Saying no to something you aren’t interested in
  3. Have the prenup talk.

It all boils down to how they respond, watch the video, and leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “3 Tests To Filter For High Quality Women

  1. I wouldn’t want a prenuptial agreement because a man should have enough faith in his powers of observation to know if his intended bride will be a safe bet. Does she save money for the future? Does she overspend? Does she forego a coffee in the interests of saving money for a trip? Does she treat his money with the same respect as her own, not expecting extravagances?

    Also, a man should want to give all his money to his wife if he had too. The purpose of a man is to sacrifice in the relationship for his wife and family. In return, the woman pledges undying loyalty and help.

    I agree with your first two points. But I’d add many more tests. For instance, leave some toilet paper on your bathroom floor and see if she leaves the room better than she found it. Does she put in away for you?

    Also make sure she has many hobbies and interests. This is the most challenging aspect for men. Far too many women just want to wait for their husbands to come home. They don’t start projects, such as sewing or writing something useful. Find a wife who keeps fit, even if it’s just a walk every day to keep her moods steady. But if she swims or plays tennis, it’s far better. If she reads news stories, you are far better off. If she loves cooking and children, and doesn’t coddle children but guides them properly, you are indeed fortunate.

    Also, it’s best to find a traditional Catholic wife. All you atheists are surprised when your relationships flop. You can’t expect Catholic behaviour from atheists. So if you want sacrificial love, like the kind Jesus gives, find a Catholic woman. Of course, don’t be surprised if she wants you to become a Catholic too! lol. Learn about natural family planning and plan to work with her fertility instead of against it. Most men are incredibly unknowledgeable about this, despite all their interest in sex.

    1. Well the fact that there are plenty of Catholic couples who’s relationships have failed and I know a couple where it was the wife’s shortcomings, just proves your whole point on that wrong. You can be non-religious and have a successful marriage/relationship.

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