What Options Do Men Have When Losing Their Hair

Got a few requests to do a video on losing your hair (balding) see below, hope the insight is helpful. With big hollywood names like Vin Diesel, Dwayne “the rock” Johnson, Jason Statham, and Bruce Willis sporting no hair, balding shouldn’t be an issue.

Hey Richard, first off thanks for doing your videos. Love the car and dating advice videos! The recent video where you recommended the book The Rational Male really impacted my life. I read the book and started implementing the things it teaches. This is powerful stuff! (re-reading it right now) My question is regarding balding and dating younger women (20-25). I’m 25, fairly successful, regularly go to the gym and eat healthy. I started balding a couple of years ago. It still looks ok but I figure in the near future I will need to rock a look similar to yours. I primarily used my looks to attract women so far but I fear this will change when I loose my hair. All my peers still have a full head of hair which is making me feel insecure about it. Any tips for younger men on how to deal with balding and attracting younger women? If you feel this is a question good enough for a video please do it as it may help a lot of young men out there. Take care brother.

I looked through your videos and please excuse me if you have made a video on this subject and i just didn’t see it but to the point how did going through hair loss effect you and how have you handled it. Im 32 and its at the point to where i cant hide it anymore and its now to the buzzing it every couple days stage. Im fine with it i mean it sucks for sure but its like well what can you do and i guess i had a good run with it feelings about it which took me a while to get to. When it started to go man was it pretty devastating. Only people that have gone or are going through these hairloss times understand how hard and uncomfortable it can make life more so than it already is. Curious as to your thoughts and experiences with this issue.

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  1. Bald since my 20’s. Shave it every few days and never looked back. One thing you can change is your wight and physique. Spend your time on that! God bless.

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